Using stamps

Marking in timber industry

  • Marking pallets, wood-block pallets
  • Marking pallet boards
  • Burning in specific letters or numbers, interchangeable characters
  • Timber is marked with the “wheat stamp” (IPPC – HT, DB, KD) after treatment to show compliance with ISPM 15
  • Marking with a trade mark or logo in this way makes the product easily recognizable and exclusive.
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Marking on plastic materials

  • Using hot compression, the required picture is pressed on the surface with a heated stamp.
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Hot compression

  • In the hot pressing process, relief is pressed or branded onto leather, imitation leather, fabric or paper with a partly-heated stamp/cliché. The picture is pressed on the printing surface with the help of a thermos-press.
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Relief compression

  • Relief compression is a technology similar to hot compression which can be done using either special or hot pressing equipment.
    For most materials, heating is not necessary – two clichés are used for imprint or jutting out on each side of the processing material. Relief compression can be used to add unique and special markings to various materials, including paper, cardboard, leather, plastic and clay.
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Unusual marking developments

  • The required picture or design is heated with a hot stamp and relief is created on the surface by the hot pressing process.
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